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What Causes Weight Gain Around Your Tummy

What Causes Weight Gain Around Your Tummy

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Any excess fat around the stomach can prove very detrimental to your health.   As well as increasing your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes, this fat could lead to you developing more serious health problems such as heart disease or cancer.   

The medical term for this kind of fat is “visceral fat”.  It refers to the fat that surrounds the liver along with other organs found in the abdomen, such as the pancreas.  In fact, recent studies have shown that fat that surrounds the pancreas is one of the major causes for those who are overweight to develop Type 2 diabetes.   

But having said all that even people whose weight is considered to be healthy, if the amount of fat around their tummy is great can increase the risk of them developing health problems in the future.

But what could be the cause of you gaining weight around your tummy?     

Sugary Beverages And Food

You may not realize it but you could be consuming more sugar than you need.   Yes, cakes and candies are very sugary, but I bet you weren’t aware that the frozen yogurt you enjoy so much contains lots of sugar as well.   

The problem with most beverages and processed foods is that they contain not only regular sugar but also lots of high fructose corn syrup in them.   Both of which can cause you to gain weight around your belly without realizing it. If you can avoid sweet drinks including diet sodas as they make it much easier for you to consume lots of sugar over a very short period of time.  Plus these kinds of foods don’t help to keep hunger at bay as they don’t make you feel satisfied for very long.

Trans Fats

Of all the kinds of fats that you eat, these are the unhealthiest, they are created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats so that they become more stable.

Often such fat is used in packaged food such as crackers, muffins, and baking mixes.  They are added as it helps to extend their shelf life.  However, these types of fats have been shown to cause inflammation that can then lead to a person developing insulin resistance or heart disease as well as certain other diseases.

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Diet Low In Protein

Providing yourself with enough dietary protein is important to prevent yourself putting on weight.   Many people think that a high protein diet will cause more problems than solve them, but this simply isn’t the case.   

When you enjoy a diet that contains plenty of protein you will find it helps you to feel fuller and satisfied for longer.   Also, protein helps to provide a boost to your metabolism, which in turn not only helps your body to burn off unwanted fat more effectively but helps to reduce your calorie intake.

Whereas if you limit your consumption of protein you may find over time that you gain more fat around your belly than you need.

Diet Low In Fiber

Just as with protein, fiber plays an important role in helping you to remain healthy and to control your weight.   

There are certain types of fiber to be found in food that can help you feel fuller for longer.  This type of fiber can also help to stabilize the hormones that cause you to feel hungry and reduce the number of calories your body absorbs from the foods you’ve eaten.

You’ll see a lot of people recommend including whole wheat grains in their diet.  Yes, these are fine to help with your weight loss.  But what you should never eat are refined grains, white bread for example.   

Not Active Enough

Of all the things mentioned in this article that can lead to you gaining weight around your tummy isn’t doing any kind of physical activity.   In the past 20 years, or so more and more of us simply don’t put time aside to do some physical activity, whether it is going for a walk or a swim.     Certainly,studies show that as more and more of us lead sedentary lives so the number of people being classed as being overweight or obese has increased.

Remaining active helps to lose fat from the body including the abdomen as it helps to boost your metabolism.   Again if your metabolism is working more efficiently, you’ll find it helps to burn off unwanted fat more effectively.  Plus physical activity helps to build muscle, which in turn uses fat to provide them with energy.

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