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Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

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There are plenty of experts who believe it is silly to forbid ourselves from eating certain foods when trying to lose weight.  When you deny yourself something then this can lead to you wanting to eat even more.  This can lead to you binge eating and putting on weight rather than losing it.   

But instead of denying yourself the odd dessert it is best to know which foods should be eliminated from your diet, especially when trying to lose weight.   

So what foods should you be avoiding?  Below is a list of some of the ones that really can hamper your results of shedding even a few pounds.

Snacks That Only Contain Carbohydrates

Whether it’s bread, rice cakes, dry cereal or crackers these are full of carbohydrates, which your body then turns to simple sugars that will be sent directly into your blood stream.   Due to the influx of sugar that your body will produce more insulin so that the body is able to absorb the sugar faster.   As a result of this, your blood sugar levels go down and you feel just as hungry as you did before you ate these snacks.   In turn, this could lead to you reaching for something sweet and sugary that has no nutritional value whatsoever to satisfy these cravings and to give you a burst of energy.

Meals That Are Frozen

In order to extend the lifespan of the fresh ingredients in their ready prepared frozen meals manufacturers tend to increase the amount of sodium in them.  They do this because it is a natural preservative.  The problem with sodium is that it leads to you retaining water, which causes you to feel bloated.

Another problem with such meals is that the manufacturers pack loads of calories into these products.  They may contain enough calories for you, but the portion sizes are small and so they won’t leave you feeling satisfied after they have been eaten.

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Snack Bars High In Fiber

We all need fiber as it helps to keep our digestive system functioning effectively.  Plus of course, it helps you to feel fuller for longer after you’ve eaten food containing it.   However munching on a snack bar high in fiber isn’t such a good idea.   What you really need to do is eat fiber consistently throughout the day.  This will help to not only keep those hunger pangs at bay but also helps to improve the health of your digestive system.

Foods Low In Fat

Often what you will find is that when some of the fat is removed from products that are classed as being low fat they also lose some of their flavor.   To help compensate for this many manufacturers add some extra sugar into the food, making it even worse for those who are trying to lose weight.

Fruit Juice

Most of the fruit juice we drink tends to contain none of the fruits natural fiber, such as the pith.  As well as being full of empty calories, fruit juice also will cause you to suffer a spike in your blood sugar levels.   

If that wasn’t enough the natural sugar in fruit (fructose) tricks your body into putting on weight as it blunts its ability to be able to recognize when  you feel full after you’ve eaten.   As a result of this you may find yourself eating more and in turn this can increase the risks of you becoming insulin resistant and develop diabetes.


There aren’t any experts out there who would suggest that you include alcohol in your diet when trying to lose weight.   Like fruit juice, you’ll find that alcohol is full of empty calories that don’t make you feel as if you eaten anything.  So the risks of you wanting to eat as you drink a glass or two of red wine is much greater.   

Also as soon as alcohol enters your body it causes problems as your body sees it as a toxin that it needs to eliminate from it.  The organ that works on helping to do this is the liver.  Whilst it is working on helping to remove the alcohol (toxin) from your body it cannot carry out its other function, which is to burn fat. So again the opportunity to lose weight is reduced.

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