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How To Give Your Metabolism A Boost

How To Give Your Metabolism A Boost

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Your metabolism plays a huge role when it comes to the way in which your body functions, and helping you when trying to lose weight.  When you have even a basic understanding o the relationship between your metabolism and losing weight then you will find that it can help you to achieve your goals.

Your metabolism works on burning fat so that it provides your body with fuel that will keep you alive.   At the moment your metabolism may be quite slow and as a result of this, the need to provide your body with energy to keep it functioning will be low.   

How much energy your body needs is dependent on a number of different factors, namely:

Your Age

Your Gender

Your Genetics

Your Health

Your Environmental Surroundings

As a result of these factors, your metabolism will differ from that of others.  This is why when it comes to trying to lose weight you choose a diet that you can customise to your own needs.  I would highly recommend that you avoid any of the more popular diets people sometimes recommend.

Also when it comes to dieting if you aren’t careful, rather than helping to give your metabolism a boost, such can help to slow it down even further.   For example, if you actually reduce your calorie intake (you don’t eat enough) then this will cause your metabolic rate to lower.  As your body isn’t getting enough energy from the food you are consuming it will start to use organs and muscles in your body to provide it with this.  Unfortunately one of the last things your body is going to burn when it comes to getting energy is any fat.

So How Can You Give Your Metabolism A Boost? 

Kick Your Workout Up A Notch

What I mean here is that you carry out your normal workout, but during it then try to work a little bit harder for a short period of time.  When out for a run, then every 500 meters or so you sprint for the next 100 meters.  By doing this you are helping your body to improve the way in which your metabolism works.  Also doing this can help you burn off even more calories than you have actually consumed.

Eat More Fish

It is important that you eat more fish such as salmon, tuna or herring as these are all rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.  As well as helping to maintain good blood sugar levels in your body these types of fatty acids help to reduce inflammation and in turn, this helps to regulate your metabolism.  Other foods along with fish that you should consider eating on a regular basis that contain plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids are eggs, walnuts, and flax seed.  Why not add some flax seed in your next smoothie.

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Build Up Muscle

Yes, muscle does weigh more than fat, but they also use up a lot of energy.  Even when you don’t exercise your muscles still need energy and this will help to keep your metabolism running more efficiently.

Ditch The Caffeine

Replace your coffee or regular tea with green tea instead.  As well as being rich in an antioxidant known as polyphenol, this drink also contains an active ingredient known as catechin.   Studies have been carried out and it has been suggested that the catechin found in green tea helps improve fat oxidation as well as thermogenesis in the body.   

Don’t Reduce Your Calorie Intake

When you reduce your calorie intake it can have an adverse affect on how your metabolism works.  In most cases it causes your metabolism to think your body is being starved and stops burning as much fat as it uses to in order to conserve energy.   Ideally, you should be eating enough calories each day that at least matches your resting metabolic rate.

Start Your Day Off Right

When it comes to giving your metabolism a boost, breakfast plays a very important role.   It is important that you eat a healthy well-balanced meal that is rich in nutrients such as a spinach omelette.  After you have eaten breakfast not only does it give your metabolism a kick start, but will keep it running throughout the day.   

Drink Plenty Of Water

Research has found that drinking plenty of water will help you to burn off unwanted calories throughout the day more effectively.   This is through a process known as thermogenesis.  After  you have drunk the water  your body has to burn off calories so it can warm the water up to the same temperature as your body.  Also, you will find that when you drink water it helps to suppress your appetite more, in turn, you find that you don’t want to snack between meals as often.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

How much sleep you get each night doesn’t only affect your mood, but also your productivity levels.   Plus research has now found that it can have a serious effect on your metabolism.   If you aren’t getting enough sleep you often find that managing your blood sugar levels is a lot harder, in turn, you may find that you feel hungrier a lot more.  This can often lead to you snacking on foods that contain high levels of carbs and which the body then stores as fat.   

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