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8 Foods That Help Burn Fat

8 Foods That Help Burn Fat

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It may sound like it is too good to be true, but there are certain foods that you should be including in your diet that can help you to burn off fat more effectively.  These foods provide your metabolism with a boost that in turn causes hormones to be produced that help to release fat and eliminate toxins from the body.

But in order for the foods to really work, they must be eaten as part of a healthy clean well-balanced diet.  If you don’t then the thermogenic properties or the nutrients and compounds that help to boost your metabolism found in the foods listed below will completely go to waste.


To start off with tomatoes are low in calories and fat, but contain plenty of fiber, so really are useful at helping people to lose weight.   They also contain certain compounds in them that are powerful at helping to get rid of fat.  One such compound found by researchers in Japan is known as 9-oxo-ODA.   As well as this compound, tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene and beta carotene in them, both of which can help to burn off unwanted fat.   


When it comes to dieting what you eat does not need to taste bland or boring.  Now is the time to actually start experimenting with different spices as they contain certain thermogenic properties that can give your metabolism a real boost.   Some of the best kinds of spices to start including in meals you make are turmeric, ginger, black pepper and mustard seeds.   Especially include turmeric as not only does it really make meals taste delicious it contains certain properties that help to break down fat in the body more easily.

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Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Like most acidic foods you will find that this one can increase the rate at which your body is able to burn up the carbs you’ve eaten.   There are certain enzymes in such vinegar that help your body to digest food more easily and also help to make sure your blood sugar levels remain stable.   As a result of this, you’ll find it helps to reduce the cravings you may suffer from when you begin to eat less.   


This particular fruit contains a lot of soluble fiber that helps to slow down the rate at which foods is digested.  This then helps to make you feel fuller for longer after you eaten.   For example having a banana for breakfast should help to ensure that you don’t feel like eating anything more until lunch time.  Then again if you do feel a little peckish mid-morning, why not grab another banana.


In general, berries are really effective in helping your body to burn off unwanted fat.  Although I would recommend raspberries and strawberries as a great choice, my favorite is blueberries.   The reason I suggest these over any other is that they contain a large amount of antioxidant known as Resveratrol.  Studies carried out on this particular antioxidant have found that it is able to turn the harmful white fat in the body into brown fat that burns calories.


If you take a look at any diet plan for weight loss one food that they all suggest you eat is nuts.   Even a small handful of organic walnuts, pecan nuts or almonds can satisfy any cravings you have and keep you feeling satisfied for a few more hours.   Plus they also contain certain nutrients that like other foods mentioned in this article help to give your metabolism a boost and so help you to lose weight more effectively.    

But you don’t need to just eat them whole, why not start to use almond oil when cooking in place of your normal vegetable oil.


As well as being gluten free this food is also known for being a complete protein.  This means that it contains a whole chain of amino acids that our body can use to help build muscle and in help to burn off unwanted fat.   Like other foods mentioned here, quinoa also keeps you feeling fuller for longer after it has been eaten.


This may not be the most enticing of looking foods but it is a really super one.  Not only does it contain few calories and carbs, it is rich in fiber.  For anyone who wants to lose weight, this is one food that they should include in meals on a regular basis.   It helps you to lose weight by add bulk to your stomach, whilst preventing you from eating more calories than you actually need.   

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