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Why Bodyweight Training Is Effective

Why Bodyweight Training Is Effective

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There are plenty of people who will say that the best way to get fit and strong quickly is through weight training.   Yet when it comes to bodyweight training there are plenty who consider this to less superior to weight training, and this form of training should only be used by those who are new to exercise or are coming back from an injury.

Yet there are plenty of experts who are now helping to make this form of training to make a comeback.   If you were to attend any Crossfit Box you’ll soon see that bodyweight training isn’t just for wimps.   

But why is bodyweight training so effective? 

It Requires Little Or No Equipment

Unlike other types of exercise, in order to carry out this type of training, the only thing you need is your own body, along with maybe some dip or pull up bars.  This provides you with the freedom to work out when you want and where you want.  The great thing is a lot of parks now have areas set aside that have some basic gym equipment in them, including pull-up bars that you can use.  If you don’t have something like this you can also use the monkey bars in the kid’s playground.

100% Free

These days membership of gym can set you back as much as $25 a month, the same can also go for your local Crossfit Box.  If you are on a budget, then this is an expense you simply cannot afford.

Whereas if you were to switch over to bodyweight training it means you don’t have to pay fees to the gym.  As you can do this in the comfort of your own home it costs nothing to do so.

Helps The Body To Move As It Is Meant To

This is considered to be the ultimate form of functional fitness.  This is the kind of workout that will help you to move better not only when you are exercising but throughout your life generally.   

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Will Make You A Better Athlete

If you are involved in any kind of sport then you probably find that you need to run, twist, jump and carry out other movements that can place further strain on your body.  But as this form of training helps your body to move in a way that it wants naturally you’ll find it helps you to carry out the movements in the other sports more effectively.   In fact, you’ll find such training won’t help to just make you stronger, but will also help you to become and better and more efficient athlete.

Provides Protection To Your Joints And Free From Injury

As well as strong muscles you also need strong joints to be strong all over.  When it comes to bodyweight training it makes sure that you work your tendons and joints in the correct way as they should be.  Over time your joints and tendons become much stronger, and in turn, this will help to provide you with protection against injuries occurring as you workout.

Helps To Maximise Strength

When it comes to getting strong, it isn’t just about how much weight you are able to lift, pull or press.  This kind of training isn’t just there to make your tendons and joints stronger.  When you add bodyweight training into the mix you will find it helps you to develop more strength and power, that you won’t get just from weight training.

Also, this form of training requires you to use multiple muscle groups at the same time.  Leading your body to learn how to work together, causing it to then become more efficient as you work out.

Helps To Build Muscle

Most people don’t really associate bodyweight training with an effective way of helping to build muscle.  This is because they think that to build muscle you need to be lifting heavy weights.  But this simply isn’t the case.   

Alright, if you choose only to carry out some of the more modified light bodyweight exercises you see then this is true.  But if you choose to push yourself so that you end up mastering more difficult bodyweight exercises then you will soon start to build up muscle.

Helps To Regulate Body Fat

Any excess weight you are carrying initially will make your bodyweight training exercises that little bit more difficult.  As you exercise of course your body needs energy and it will get this from the fat stored in your body at the moment.  So over time you will start to notice that you have begun to slim down.  Once you start to lose this fat your training will then become easier, and this is when you need to start carrying out more challenging bodyweight training exercises.

But it isn’t only the exercises that will help to regulate body fat, you will also notice that your appetite starts to level off as well.  So you find that you eat only what you need and of course you should be eating a more healthy well-balanced diet at this stage as well.   

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